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Stunning Silk Tallis Sets

"I really appreciate your help with my being ‘wrapped’ in the delights of Judaism."
Patricia S.

Miriam's Inspiration Tallis
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Miriam’s Inspiration
Order Item #TS-Miriam $160

Miriam Tallis Clip
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Miriam Tallis Clip
Order Item #TS-Clip $17

(NEW) Stunning Silk Tallis Sets
These gorgeous silk tallis sets are sure to raise you to a new spiritual high.

Each tallis is a unique creation, hand painted with gold highlights and gold leaf stamping on medium weight crepe de chine silk. Each set comes with tallis bag. Tallis clips may be purchased separately.

Want to place a personal order along with your school order? No problem! Let us know, and we’ll split the total shipping costs between the two orders.

Design Details:
Design Details 1
   Design Detail 2

Note: As each tallis is a unique
creation, colors will vary.

Kippah Keppi Clip
Order Item #KK1
$3 per card
Kippah Keeper Keppi Clip

Tree of Life - Rich Earth Tallis
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Tree of Life – Rich Earth
Order Item #TS-TreeEarth $160

Tree of Life - Heavenly Blue Tallis
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Tree of Life – Heavenly Blue
Order Item #TS-TreeBlue
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